Express.js and its File Structuring : Folder Scaffolding

This is originally published as part of my Medium and Blog The app/file structuring is one way to be Clean Coder. There are no standard structures as such, but, generally followed structure will be discussed below. I am a beginner. As a beginner, I would explain how did I go about this File Structuring … Continue reading Express.js and its File Structuring : Folder Scaffolding

Object-Oriented Programming Concepts (OOPs) Simplified! ! !

In this article, I would like to introduce a beautiful programming paradigm that solves a lot of real-life problems in terms of programming. Let us look into what is OOPs, the ideology behind OOPs and also main concepts of OOPs. And the complete article would be described in Non Programming terms, i.e., in layman’s terms. … Continue reading Object-Oriented Programming Concepts (OOPs) Simplified! ! !