Corona : What a year this week has been. . . 😷

Hi everyone.

This is the revision of my article from my medium article. The first copy of the same article was published in my medium account prior to this.

Simply trying to put up my thoughts on the current crisis that is debilitating humans. Yes, just trying to collect the words in my head and put up those thoughts here.

Maybe, this perception of mine might sound so cruel to the world or to humanity itself. Maybe, it might sound inhumane as well.

I believe, Corona was just an act of Karma.

“So, you mean, the world deserved it?
Did people deserve to die?
Did People deserve to suffer?”

No, far and away. No one deserves to suffer. No one deserves to lose the ones they love and care for. No one deserves to die. And most importantly, even though, death is the destination we all share, no one deserves such a death with so much suffering.

So you might wonder what am I doing, trying to contradict my own utterance. Perhaps when I say Karma, I am having a different perception of it. People have perceptions and each of you will perceive it differently the way you understand and see it.

When I talk about Karma, or what my belief about Karma is,

It is simply the product of what you do.
It isn’t your mistake.
It is not that you deserve to suffer.

Who am I talking about? When I say you, it’s Humans.
Just take a while, step back and think about it yourself. Think about how ruthless humans have been to Mother Earth. Have you ever even thought of certain acts of cruelty to animals that we have been doing for so long?

We all are at a point, in the evolution of the human race from the Pliopithecus to this so-called Modern Homo Sapiens, which supposedly to traverse through from the UNCIVILIZED to CIVILIZED living beings?

But, in actuality, is that that truth? Are humans Civilized? Civilization and Humans being civilized has turned out to be a fictional bit of our reality.

From studying about Civilization in the history books of my class 6th–7th textbooks to the reading newspaper about everyday uncivilized acts done.

This might sound too cruel, but, yes, the World needed this global pandemic to halt them for a while and make them listen to the MOTHER EARTH for a while.
Many have tried protesting, acting against the humans’ uncivilized acts, eventually, all they could do was try and wait for success. I don’t say the Brutal Act of Corona is the success or even the solution for the problems.

But the least, deforestation was never a solution for Human Civilization. Polluting the earth with mixtures (that never even existed), was never part of the success of the Civilized act of Humans. Killing animals and talking about their extinction was never part of my biology textbook nor was building a Business empire over earth’s resources was.

No one really has ever given a thought of it. I am pretty sure about it.

Do you know one funny thing about humans? They never care about anything thou self.

A problem is a problem only when it has to cause any loss or damage to you. Up until they don’t really care.

Do you know what provoked me to pen down these thoughts here? Some time ago, when I approached to shop to buy groceries, I was shocked to see everyone stand in line to buy GROCERIES.

That is so freaking abnormal. Considering the fact that I am in India, where people can not maintain a queue. That is more freaking to see this sort of civilized behavior.

There was another scene when I came across a NEWS, where a family suffering and struggling to not be able to earn a day’s meager meals. And then, there was a sudden help from the local politician for providing them with things to fulfill their basic necessities.

That was even more surprising for me to see, for a Politician to do an act of Kindness (Off course, not all politicians are the same). Yet so many scenarios that I have come across.

All it took was a microscopic organism 🦠  to make us more human.

A virus has locked us completely down from all our inhuman activities.
Today, we respect people in uniforms. People who had no time for their parents or family are now locked down to stay 24/7.

We ensure our household help stays at home and take care of themselves. We have respect for those people who have come out in this outburst of disease, have the courage to do the door-to-door delivery.

All this made me ruminate about why and what behind these sudden changes and surprises in Humans? That’s when I felt this pandemic was something that happened because of the Human Act. With this pandemic itself, a little awareness and all humans are going to face a reality check about the Mother Earth’s condition and health.

This global pandemic has taken a lot of lives. So are we have taken from Mother Earth too. I do not say this justifies what is happening around the world.

All I want to say and convey is that

It’s high time to act kind.
It’s time to act like we are all known as, CIVILIZED.
It is time to be who we are, the civilized beings, HUMANS

This is our second chance and should not mess it up this time. Let us all stand strong and help each other to cope up with this current state.

We have by every means, become more CIVILIZED. This pandemic has changed Humans for sure. Maybe not too many, but significantly.

This pandemic has changed us, for, we have become better humans. If these are not acts of civilized homosapiens are not worth keeping, then what are?

To all those out there, if there is a situation where you have a little more than what is sufficient for you. Please give it to those who badly are in need of it. There are quite a lot of people who are suffering a lot for even a day’s meager meal. Let us all unite virtually and help those who are suffering.

Thanks to sriram c for having encouraged me to write my thoughts out, when I shared my thoughts on the current scenario.
Thanks to those warriors who are out there trying to make things happen even in the high-risk and precarious situation and position to protect us all.

Kudos to those doctors, policemen, military, and many others, who are making things happen to keep us sheltered and guarded.

Maybe, you all may not have the same perception about the situation as I do. Maybe my perception may seem so evil or wrong. You might perceive it differently as well.
Do feel free to share your thoughts on it. I would appreciate that.

I am signing off, for now.


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